Collaborating with global innovators to develop disruptive business models and technologies to exceed the expectations of the world’s most demanding customers!



Quantifying curiosity!  Focused on applied research to analyze practical problems, we’ve used deep learning to optimize content delivery networks, leveraged blockchain technologies to secure machine to machine communications, automated fundamental analysis of public companies to mitigate risk, created new business models for e-sports teams, and more.


High speed, low drag, software defined and data driven! We’re passionate about developing applications and building networks to exceed the expectations of the most demanding telecom, data center, cloud, and enterprise customers. If you work in sprints, count bandwidth in waves, and measure latency in nanoseconds, you’re speaking our language!

Market Entry

Crossing the chasm!  Entering new markets and capturing meaningful business is as much of an art as it is a science.  We have extensive experience introducing new products and services into global telecommunications carriers, internet service providers, data center operators, web-scale companies and financial services enterprises.  


The network effect!  Our team members have successfully overcome the dot com bubble, financial crisis, and crypto winter while successfully navigating an increasingly complex regulatory and compliance landscape.  We’ve also served on, and created, boards of directors and advisory boards, and are willing to share our relationships and experiences.  


Artificial Intelligence

In 1950, Alan Turing published “Computing Machinery and Intelligence ”, asking us to consider the question: “Can machines think?”.  The Turing Test was created, and is still used in similar forms, today to answer that very question.

Our team is focused on machine perception (input from sensors), machine learning (algorithmic learning via access to data sets), deep learning (use of neural networks to create insights), and automation (action without human intervention).  We apply these techniques, primarily, to software defined networks and services (in data centers, clouds, enterprises, etc.) that extend to the edge (on-premises devices, internet of things, etc.)


In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System ”, which outlined the bitcoin digital currency, the blockchain distributed ledger, and the solution to the double-spending problem when using P2P networks.

Our team is focused on leveraging blockchain cryptography, distributed ledger technology, and the associated transaction accounting capabilities to provide a means for individuals and organizations to aggregate, and create value from, stranded and underutilized network, compute, and storage assets.  We believe that blockchain technologies have the potential to be the most disruptive innovation since the advent of the internet.


In 1971, Robert Thomas created “Creeper”, the world’s first self-replicating computer worm. Once infected, a computer would display “I’m the creeper: catch me if you can.” In return, Ray Tomlinson, created “Reaper”,the world’s first virus remover. Once executed, “Reaper” would seek out “Creeper” files and delete them. We consider this to be the birth of the global cyber arms race that continues to rage on to this very day!

Our team is focused on preventing the unnecessary disclosure of personally identifiable information (PII) to an ever growing number of creepers that have intentionally designed products and services to exploit and/or monetize their customers.

Collaborative Consumption

In 1978, Marcus Felson and Joe Spaeth published “Community Structure and Collaborative Consumption ”, describing a means for owners of underutilized assets to monetize them, typically, through short term arrangements with other businesses or individuals. It’s a great way for the owner to generate additional income, while the consumer pays a lower price than owning the asset outright or renting/leasing for a duration longer than necessary.

Our team is focused on the creation of new products and services that leverage stranded or underutilized network, compute, and storage resources on a global scale.


Internet Service Providers

Data Center Operators

Cloud Providers

Financial Services


Blockchain Technology


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